Digital Camera Size Comparison Tool

two digital cameras side by side Camera Size is a free online digital camera comparison tool. This web application was designed to help you compare one camera's size relative to another camera, and view each camera from different sides. The site is being continuously updated with new camera models, so you can compare the size of older cameras with the latest models.

We introduced and will be introducing a wide variety of features that will help you determined which camera fits you best, both in terms of ergonomics, size and weight. Furthermore, you have the option to read Amazon customer reviews about each camera with one click.

The camera size doesn't represent the real camera size due to many hardware variations, and in some cases, display size restrictions. It's more useful to compare the relative size differences between one camera and another (It's not 100% accurate, but very close to that).

Different Side Views

camera rotation arrows Camera Size comparison web app allows you to view each camera from various sides, including front, rear, left, right and top (on selected models). This can help you better visualize the height, width and depth of the camera when compared to other cameras.

You can visually comprehend how compact and slim the camera is. Furthermore, you have the option to make the camera overlap another, so you visualize even the smallest differences in size.

You have the option to compare the cameras in various placements: side by side, first camera over the second camera and vice versa. The app also provided you with an option to easily change the length measurement units from millimeters to inches.

Various Camera Colors

colorful cameras For many of us, the color of the camera is a significant factor when making a buying decision. Some camera models were made available in a wide variety of exotic rich colors. allows you to shift between various colors (on selected models) so you can view and compare cameras in your preferred color!

Compare to an Average Adult's Hand

hand moving with camera on top Sometimes, comparing a digital camera image against another doesn't really allow you to understand how small or how large the camera is. 'Camera Size' web app enables you to turn on a draggable overlay image of an average adult's hand (approx. 174 mm). You can drag it around freely and position it below the camera.

That will give you a good observation of the relative size of the camera compared to a human hand. In fact, this is the most practical way to demonstrate how compact or bulky the camera is.

Many camera advertisements utilize this technique when they advertise a compact camera, and want people to know how small it is. In order to activate this assistant image layer, just click the hand icon on the left sidebar when you are inside the comparison tool's page.

Share on Facebook and Twitter

share on facebook and twitter allows you to share a specific camera comparison with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. Each time you compare various cameras, the URL of the page updated to reflect the change. In short, it means that when you refer people to that specific URL, your friends will see the same two cameras that you've compared yourself, fast and easy!

Height, Width, Depth and Weight Analysis

size text note After each selection of cameras, you'll be presented with a textual explanation about how the two cameras differ. You'll know how wider, larger and heavier the cameras is compared to the second one.

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Digital Camera Size Comparison
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